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Smart TV: Watching Movies (For Free)

4 thoughts on “Smart TV: Watching Movies (For Free)”

  1. Patrick says:

    Hi. I recently bought a 32″ smart digital tcl tv and would like to install apps on it like you’ve described but am unable to do so from google playstore. How do i go about it? My contacts are hidden. Would love to talk

    1. Chris Wambugu says:

      Hi Patrick,

      Thanks for the feedback. You can follow the procedure in this post: . The process is the same, only now you’ll need to run adb install "path to where you downloaded the app on your PC".

      I will be posting the procedure on how to install Aptiode and other alternative app stores to easen up the app installation process.


  2. Patrick says:

    Thanks for the feedback but I was talking of the smart TV not PC. Kindly help

    1. Chris Wambugu says:

      Hi Patrick. Sorry for the super late reply. You can install apps from your phone to the TV as well. This will be the next part of the series so please keep checking back. Kindly provide the specific details about your TV model and I will send you the easiest procedure for your device. Thanks!

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