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Safaricom Home Fiber: Should You Ditch Your Current Provider?

6 thoughts on “Safaricom Home Fiber: Should You Ditch Your Current Provider?”

  1. essay writer says:

    thank you so much for sharing this

    1. Chris Wambugu says:

      You’re welcome.

  2. mario says:

    What’s the situation now? I was comparing JTL lowest offer (30Mbps at 5,000 kshs) with Safaricom (20Mbps at same price).
    However, JTL charges 15,000 kshs for installation (Safaricom is free)

    1. Chris Wambugu says:

      Hi Mario. Nothing much has changed in relation to JTL’s and Safaricom’s product offering. Safaricom still offers free intallation and reconnection upon relocating. Recently, Safaricom started offering packaged options bundled with home insurance, mobile data or both at a small extra charge. Zuku on the other hand is now offering package options bundled with cable TV channels at about the same marginal increase in pricing as Safaricom. I shall break this down soon Sorry for taking long to respond, we were migrating and improving the blog.

  3. Tee says:

    But Why? I think my main reason to ditch my ISP will be the comparison I had with my friends internet speeds. Safaricom home fibre stands as the winner for now

    1. Chris Wambugu says:

      Hey Tee. Though that may seem true at first, for people who have been using Safaricom for some time now, it is evident that the service quality is going down. The only positive side is that service restoration on Safaricom happens much faster than on Zuku.

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