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Safaricom Home Fiber: Should You Ditch Your Current Provider?

Earlier this year, Safaricom made good on their plans to roll out fiber internet solutions for home users¬†by introducing the Safaricom Home Fiber service. This shook up the home internet scene. It is still expected that the competition will get even steeper with JTL¬†announcing speed upgrades for their customers. Should you really #boycott Safaricom’s newest offering? We think not.

The Best WordPress Speed Optimization Plugin Combo

WordPress speed optimization is as essential to your traffic quality as your content itself, if not more. If you didn’t know it already, your page speed might be driving away your customers. Although some factors that slow down your pages are out of your control (like time to first byte), there’s a lot you can do to optimize your page speed. Read more on the blog and find out how we scored 98/100 on Google PageSpeed tests.


How to Uninstall Android TV Apps in 2 Easy Steps (No Root)

Let’s face it, most of these Chinese Smart TV brands ship with loads of bloatware. Unusable apps that you just can’t use either because they are meant for Chinese speaking users or perhaps they only provide paid content you’re just not ok with. Here’s one way you can remove these system apps without bricking your TV.

TCL 32D2910S Smart TV Full Review

The TCL 23D2910S, while not particularly a masterpiece, is a very solid option should you find yourself having to choose from options within its price point. It’s in a class of it own when compared to the other contenders. Read on!